An essential presence

In fact, the surface of your apartment is not the main criterion. Also the absence of a garden. The sine qua non condition for adopting a dog in an apartment is the time necessary to devote to it.

Your dog will not be able to do without you to leave the building. He will not have the time to stretch his legs on your terrace or in a non-existent garden. You will have to take him out regularly every day, and not just for his needs. In addition, the lack of space will make your dog more emotionally sensitive. He may be more stressed and seeing you by his side will reassure him.

An apartment dog needs more, to have social ties. Outside, and even between your walls, where you will not hesitate to play with him.

When traveling, you should take your dog with you as much as possible. If your job allows it, that’s a big plus. This is a parameter to take into account before welcoming your pet into your home.

We all know that dogs need to be walked. But what about those moments when you can’t leave the house? This is where dog crate furniture comes in! With a wide range of models that fit any budget and your space, you’re sure to find something that will work for you.

Keep your beloved pooch safe and sound in their own private space with this stylish indoor dog house that you can easily assemble in just a few simple steps. Your pup will love living in this comfortable and safe home because they can enjoy all the comforts of home without the dangers of the outdoors.

Cleanliness in the apartment

Your dog will therefore not benefit from a garden to get out quickly in case of an urgent need. Cleanliness in an apartment is learned like in a house. Initially, do not hesitate to take your dog out quite often. Don’t wait for him to urinate on the floor of your apartment. If that should happen, don’t punish him.

Clean the floor, having taken care to put your dog temporarily in another room, so that he cannot analyze this as a game. By dint of patience and rigor (regular outing times), but also compassion and attention, you will know how to educate him correctly.

The best apartment dog breeds

Some small breeds are better suited than others for apartment living. We have selected for you those that are easy to educate and maintain, and that appreciate the whole family:

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The Bichon

The Poodle

The French Bulldog

The Cairn Terrier

Cavalier King Charles,

The King Charles Spaniel,

The Westie…

Finally, you should know that an apartment dog, by its small size, is more fragile. It requires more care (veterinarian, grooming, etc.) and costs more.


In conclusion

The choice of the apartment dog is not limited to its size. What matters is your dog’s ability to adapt to this particular lifestyle. In any case, you will have to devote time to it, take it out, and offer it the social bond it craves.