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“Treatment can range from a simple mouthguard and/or stress management to more involved therapy with jaw positioning orthotics or pharmaceutical solutions,” he says. “Certain foods and drinks can cause stress to your overall system , especially if consumed right before sleep,” Dr. Ratner says. We’ve all experienced sore muscles after a strenuous sweat session, but your daily exercise routine may also be the reason you’re waking up with a sore jaw. For some people, though, teeth grinding is a side effect for SSRI medications , according to April 2018 research in ‌Neurology Clinical Practice‌. Some people are born with retrognathia, a condition in which the lower jaw is set farther back than the upper jaw, and others develop it later in life. It’s done to fix jaw deformities, like jaw misalignment or uneven size. Orthognathic surgery has a significant positive effect on perceived personality traits and perceived emotional facial expressions in subjects with primary maxillary deficiency.

Woke Up With Jaw Pain? Here’s What Your Body’s Trying to Tell You

No other muscle in your body can exert more force than themasseter musclesin the jaw. According to the Library of Congress, with all the jaw muscles working together, it can close the teeth with force greater than 200 pounds on the molars. As much as people are unhappy with their asymmetrical features, not everyone wishes to undergo medical treatments to correct them. Undergoing jaw surgery is no guarantee that the treatment will be effective and that the asymmetry will not return. Facial drooping, accompanied by other symptoms, is a medical emergency that may be a sign of stroke.

Treating Jaw Misalignment

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At the same time, additional pressure on the jaw can be exerted through the use of orthodontic headgear. Cheek toning involves improving facial symmetry through the manipulation of the cheek tissues. If the jaw imbalance is visible on the cheeks, use the fingers to press the muscles and upper cheek and reach the desired results. Use facial stretches as a way to exercise facial muscles and improve facial symmetry. These exercises will refresh, strengthen, and align the muscles while improving your appearance. A balanced appearance will be achieved with regular exercise.

Twisted Neck

In this way, the appearance of a good bite may not be a true representation of what is happening at the level of the joint itself. A person who has a tight jaw may find it easier to eat soft foods. These put less pressure on the jaw, giving it time to heal. A mouthguard can help prevent teeth grinding, a common cause of jaw tightness. Depending on the cause, a person may experience jaw tightness on the left, right, or both sides of the jaw. It may come on suddenly or gradually and can last for long periods.

Anything more than that would require a doctor’s check-up and advice. It is not a rare case that the symmetry of the face is a result of birth defects or genetic health conditions. Facial asymmetry can be a result of an accident or injury during which a jaw was fractured, broken, or dislocated.

Controlling the disease itself will help reduce RA jaw pain. Typically, doctors prescribe medications to help prevent tissue damage and slow the disease from progressing. People who experience RA in their jaw usually get symptoms of the condition in other joints before they experience it in the jaw joint. Jaw pain rarely develops in the early stages of RA — the jaw is usually one of the last joints the condition can affect. People with RA should talk with a rheumatologist if they experience pain in new areas.