Excel Tutorial – The Secret to Excel

Yes, there’s a “Secret” to using Excel.

But what does that mean? Is this a gimmick? No, it is sincere to goodness advice from a pc schooling representative. Be affected person, study this web page, and you will be a miles more potent Excel consumer inside the next 3 minutes. If I have simplest five mins to provide everybody an Excel educational, I might educate them the “Secret”.

I became surprised once I found out what I call the “Secret” to Excel. I changed into amazed that Microsoft hadn’t positioned the feature as an icon Excel Tutorials on one among their toolbars. I changed into amazed that all of the “actual” books I owned regarding Excel failed to mention the “Secret”. Finally, in an Excel reference e book, I discovered the “Secret” to Excel somewhere on page 350. The “Secret” have been buried so deeply within the e book nobody might ever study, see, or use the “Secret”.

A Brief History Lesson.

When you inherit someone’s “vintage” spreadsheet you need to analyze the formulation of the spreadsheet to peer what they’re doing. Even if the spreadsheet is one you created, you may have created the spreadsheet so long in the past that you have forgotten what formulas you used.

Over the years Excel has improved its fine manage features for analyzing formulation. But even these days, 95% or greater of all customers studies their spreadsheet formulation the old style manner. They click on a cell to see if it is a components. Then they take a look at the components. Then they may click on any other mobile to look if it’s a system. And do the same aspect over and over again.

Checking formulation with the mouse-click method is slow, tedious, and now not thorough. It’s a bad process. But it truly is the manner over ninety five% of all Excel users studies their spreadsheets. But there is a far better manner. It is the “Secret” to the usage of Excel.

Life with Excel spreadsheets while the use of the “Secret”

After using the “Secret” the spreadsheet makes experience once more. I can remember all of my formulation. Since I cannot use photos in this article, examine this next passage carefully:

Learning the “Secret” to Excel allows you display all of your formulation now not as numbers however as logical textual content. You can see the common sense of each single method to your spreadsheet.

The “Secret”

The “Secret” to the usage of Excel is a keystroke command named CTRL gravé. This is reported “manage gra-vay”. (Gra rhymes with the word pa, and vay rhymes with the phrase bay).

Because I can’t use pics in this article, I want to write down some steps for you. Don’t skim over those steps, do them. You’ll be satisfied you probably did. (It’s surely quite simple, it’s a CTRL gravé.)

First, open up an Excel spreadsheet document that has formulas in it.

Second, the use of your Windows (non-Apple) keyboard, look to the lower left hand corner of the keyboard.

Third, keep down the CTRL key with any finger.

Fourth, locate the no 1 key closer to the upper left hand corner of the keyboard.

Fifth, discover the key one key left of the #1. It has the symbols ` and ~. The first symbol, the ` is known as a gravé.

Sixth, still maintaining down the CTRL key, faucet the gravé key.

Seventh, see that every one your formulas now have logical text. So instead of pronouncing a hundred and fifty, a cellular might display =a1+a2

CTRL gravé is a toggle. Do it once to see your formulas within the spreadsheet. Do it again to show the numbers once more.

Do you take into account how whilst you have been little you learned a way to read at age four, five, or 6? Wasn’t it a laugh beginning to recognize what all those neat symbols supposed on the white paper? It turned into like discovering some secret code the grownups used.

That’s what the “Secret” to Excel is like. Every time a person gives you a spreadsheet, simply use the “Secret” at the spreadsheet to recognize its good judgment. You’ll experience this approach so much you may begin showing it to your friends.

Best desires from Chicago, IL USA.

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