Freelance Jobs – The Best Way to Utilize Your Skills and Make Some Extra Cash!

When you are working through online freelancer jobs, learning how to bid becomes very important. The success of your online business depends on how well you can bid. Your bid is the first contact potential employers have with you and this is how you can bag good assignments. However, it is pitiful to see how even people who are working online since several years do not really know how to bid correctly.

Here are some tips that can help you make bids that can make the project posters sit up and take notice, and consider you seriously.

  1. Read the project details carefully. The bids that win are the ones that have paid attention to the project details and included those specifics.
  2. Don’t use cookie-cutter bids. Most people who work through online freelancer jobs have this annoying habit of recycling the same bid over and over again. That may win you a few bids, but that’s not the way to do it. You need to write each bid anew, and mention details that are specific to the bid. For instance, if someone wants a website developed, start your bid description with, “I’d like to develop this website for you…”
  3. Continue in the same vein. Speak specifically about your expertise that is relevant to the bid. If your bid is about a writing assignment, then speak about how much writing you have done, since how many years you are writing, what you can write about, etc.
  4. Always provide samples. People want to see samples of your work. If it is about a website development, then give a link or two to the websites you have created. If it is about a writing job, then give a few articles you have written or give a link that has some of your published articles. If it is about SEO, then show some websites that you have improved the PageRank of
  5. Be short and crisp. Don’t ramble on. Write a few words that leave a lasting impact on the reader.
  6. Be honest in the details you provide, especially when mentioning the timeframe. If you are saying that you will finish a job within 4 days, make sure you have 4 days free. Repeat this commitment in your bid description.
  7. Similarly, bid on a good price. Don’t bid too high or too low. Bid at the industry standard. When you place your bid, reaffirm the price you have bid in your project description. Tell the poster how you came up with the bid price. That makes it seem fair to most of them.
  8. Ask for clarifications if needed. There is always a message clarification board that you can use. When you ask for clarifications, the impression on the project poster is that you are interested in the project enough to seek elaborations. Also, when you ask for clarifications, you enhance your recall value.
  9. Be professional when writing. Don’t use chat slang like ‘u r gonna be intrsted’. Write in full. Punctuate your sentences properly. In short, see that your ‘i’s are dotted and your ‘t’s are dashed.

Be honest, be specific and be practical. Don’t make a too fantastic bid. No one can guarantee a winnng bid, but following these practices will make more people notice your bids.

Many people have heard about the benefits of freelance work. The idea of a job that allows you to complete tasks after you’ve left your full-time job for the day and earn a bit of extra pocket-money has always been an appealing prospect. However, most people don’t usually understand how freelance jobs work, or believe that only certain people can be freelancers.

What Are Freelance Jobs?

Freelance jobs are the same as work from a temp agency, only you’re the one choosing the positions. If you find you like writing website content, or have a knack for making excellent HTML websites, you can find positions to apply for that are asking only for tasks that are of interest to you. There are multiple websites that allow you to do so on a simple format, such as, where you can put an ad for potential employers to look at, as well as bid on projects they list.

Freelance work is usually temporary, both parties parting ways once the task is complete and payment is made. However, in some cases, employers can like the worker so much that they’ll offer them a permanent position.

How Do I Get The Job?

Bidding is when someone looking for freelance jobs chooses one and puts in the amount they’re willing to do the work for. Usually a buyer will offer up their allotted budget for a project, and the bid must be within those parameters. Generally if your portfolio is weak and you’re new to freelance jobbing you’ll want to bid fairly low to be considered. However, once you begin to build a strong portfolio and reputation you can choose a rate you feel is fair for the work you do, and often after seeing your portfolio and perhaps contacting references, chances are good that a buyer will be much more willing to accept your higher bid for guaranteed quality work than a lower bid for an uncertain or low quality.

Can Anyone Be A Freelancer?

Anyone can do freelance work if they’re willing to put in the time and effort, everyone has a skill set that gives them a unique ability to do a certain type of jobbing spectacularly. It isn’t uncommon to find some in the freelancer world with advanced degrees in a variety of topics – and it also isn’t uncommon to find those without any degree working alongside them. The Internet is an incredible intermediary in that it equalizes everyone. Someone self-taught who can write to a buyer explaining what makes them just as qualified as someone with a degree or certification may be the one who gets the job if their explanation is better than that of the certified applicant – a potential employer is more likely to consider such a gamble hiring someone online than they would in person.