How to Choose the Right Sofa Color

As with all cleaning – furniture, car interiors, counters, etc. – it’s best to know what you’re working with. Checking the furniture care codes will help you understand which solvents or cleaners you can use. Once you find the correct solutions and apply liquid to the upholstery, make sure to blot with a dry towel – never rub. La-Z-Boy products are hand crafted and variations from standard dimensions and appearance can occur.

Leah Queen Sleep Sofa

Choosing a new sofa for an existing color palette means that you’ll have to decide if the sofa will be neutral or if it will take on an accent role. We found the bed aspect to be more comfortable than the couch, but the couch got more comfortable by the day during testing. Initially, we found it to be stiff and firm, but it became softer with continued use. As far as comfort, we rated the couch itself to be a 3.5 out of 5, but the bed earned a perfect score of 5 out of 5. This couch is the whole package, with a slew of customization options, easy delivery, and quality comfort.

Popular Sofa Colors

However, the actual setup process proved to be intuitive and simple—you may just need an extra set of hands to help you out. Luxury sofas are usually fitted with eight-way hand-tied springs, which may be very comfortable but expensive. Some experts dispute if hand-tied springs are much more comfortable than good serpentine springs, so try couches out that have both and judge for yourself. To select a sofa color or fabric pattern, always consider any preexisting colors or patterns in the room.

For instance, if you plan to put the sofa in front of a large picture window, the sun could fade the fabric over time. Choose a color or pattern that won’t fade noticeably, like gray or cream. You do this by placing a straight tape measure from the top back of the frame to the bottom front. The depth of the sofa is one of the most important measurements to take. The way to do this is to measure from the outside edge of the seat all the way to the back. If the sofa legs are screwed on, you might be able to get away with just measuring from the top to the bottom of the sofa. If that measurement passes through the entryway, you can screw the legs on once you have the couch inside the room.

If your couch is a recliner or sleeper, make sure to operate the mechanism repeatedly and aggressively to make sure it runs smoothly and easily. Don’t overlook any mechanical glitches or rough operation you notice—these quirks will only become more pronounced after repeated use in your home. A couch or sofa is a significant furniture investment you may live with for decades, so spend some extra time doing your homework before buying. Style preferences are a personal matter, but when choosing a high-quality sofa, there are objective criteria you can use to ensure you’re getting a good sofa. Wirecutter is the product recommendation service from The New York Times.

If you don’t have a sofa at all, purchasing one will give your living space a central gathering spot, so you should start the search as soon as you can. Where a standard sectional sofa would create an awkward intersection with the area rug and likely block a little more of the painting , the rounded design suggests a sense of visual continuity. The slimmer back creates a gentler stepped transition to the floor. Katherine Tlapa is an interior designer, currently working as a Design Specialist for Modsy, a design service based in San Francisco.

Besides being a spot for relaxation and gathering, a sofa tends to be the centerpiece of any room. Due to its size and placement, it’s likely to stand out regardless of color or style.

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Upon sitting on the couch, we found it to strike the perfect balance of soft and comfortable, yet firm and supportive. We also noticed that compared to inexpensive couches, this one had a solid frame and it didn’t move across the floor when we sat on it. Sectionals are typically more expensive than standard sofas.

Length isn’t the only measurement to take into consideration when sizing up your sofa. Think about the height of your sofa in the room, taking into account low ceilings or dado rails. Treat your sofa with care by respecting its weight limits and being gentle when sitting down or getting up .