How to Train an Australian Shepherd: 8 Vet Approved Tips

BREEDING BUSINESS is a platform dedicated to ethical dog breeding around the world. Our team provides quality posts, in-depth articles, interviews, product reviews, and more. A weekly hair brushing and grooming coupled with bathing keeps their coat shiny and silky. This should be done at least once in ten-twelve days to keep the surrounding dirt, debris and dead skin from accumulating on their skin. Going too long without baths will result in skin disorders too. To be able to own an Australian Shepherd you must have the time and energy to keep up with them and give them proper attention. If not provided with the requisite exercise and attention, a cooped up Australian Shepherd may start showing aggressive behavior and start gnawing at things.

If your Aussie is bigger than the size range, your dog may either have a weight problem or may not even be a purebred Australian Shepherd. There are many ways to help dogs feel more confident on the stairs. PetMD encourages owners to supervise their dog at all times, and ensure that the pet has full visibility while figuring out how to master the staircase. If a dog really has difficulty on the stairs, it’s also recommended by PetMD to get a stair runner or install a ramp.

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A diet that is high in protein and carbohydrates is ideal for Australian Shepherds. As Australian Shepherds mature, their energy levels tend to decrease, and they become more calm and collected. They reach their full adult size and weight at around months of age, although some may continue to grow until they are two years old. The growth and development of Australian Shepherds can be influenced by genetics, diet, and exercise. It is essential to provide a balanced diet and regular exercise to ensure proper growth and development. Male Australian Shepherds have a set range of 20–23 inches and 55–70 pounds, or 51–58 centimeters and 55–70 kilograms.

Do You Have To Pay To Rehome A Dog?

If your dog recently developed a skin allergy to grass or another seasonal plant, it may cause shedding. If it’s something that has a very short season, it may be anything to worry about. Your vet can also prescribe medication to make it more manageable. Australian Shepherds were not in fact bred in Australia but in the United States. They were created as a herding dog breed that was meant to herd livestock in colder areas, so their fur needed to stand up to the task of keeping them warm during the winter. From their stunning looks to their shaggy coats, these pups are adorable. There’s even a possibility your Aussie can have blue eyes, making them look even more striking.

Exercise in Different Weather Conditions

It is easier to grant permission later than to withdraw permission granted too early. Set limits and make it clear to your puppy that you are in control. Regular exercise is fundamental in preventing a host of health issues that can affect Australian Shepherds. Without adequate exercise, they can become overweight, which puts them at risk for diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis.

However, you can also assess its personality, which is driven and intelligent, to help figure out if it has the behavioral earmarks of the Aussie. If your dog has a combination of the physical and behavioral attributes of the Aussie, then you have your answer. “An Aussie should get a good amount of exercise every day, especially as they’re young,” Dr. Timm said. Dr. Kimm said one thing that makes Aussies different from other dogs is that they don’t like repetition. “If you’re doing things over and over again, it doesn’t mean they’ll continue to do it the same way,” she said. “Once they get it right, if you keep asking for the same behavior, they’ll often change it because they don’t think they were correct.

Adult Australian Shepherds and those from shelters tend to be much cheaper than pups. Dan Richardson has been a practicing veterinarian for over 10 years. Dan is originally from rural western Nevada and attended the University of Idaho for undergraduate study and Oregon State University for Veterinary School. The Richardson Family enjoys camping and spending time on the water fishing, paddle boarding, or digging their feet in the sand somewhere warm. This genetic condition can be hard to identify because it often doesn’t cause any noticeable problems in affected dogs.

Aussies are highly intelligent and are known to trick their owners at times, so they aren’t usually recommended for inexperienced dog owners. Understand that any rescue dog is likely to require a longer adjustment period than a new puppy. If you adopt a rescue dog, you will need to be patient with him — give him plenty of time to adjust to your family and to your home. Overall, choosing a reputable breeder is essential to ensuring that your Australian Shepherd is healthy and well-bred.

One of the most frequent reasons Aussies end up in rescue situations is owners couldn’t (or wouldn’t) constructively channel the breed’s boundless energy through training. Fortunately, that loyalty combined with the breed’s keen intelligence and high energy makes them very easy to train.

So, let’s dive right in and figure out how to identify an original Aussie. Though grooming professions usually do not recommend trimming or shaving a dog who sheds, you can use a pair of thinning shears to control an unruly coat. The ASCA suggests using shears with 42 to 46 teeth for the most natural look.