Nirvana – The Ultimate Destination

The best potion to solve any problem is Nirvana. We associate Nirvana with something that Lord Buddha could achieve after several years of penance. Actually Nirvana means ‘moksh’. Moksh is a Sanskrit word which means letting go. It is the ultimate renunciation from the materialistic world. Attaining moksh brings an end to the pain and agony from the cycle of life.

Nirvana can be said to be the freedom from Nirvana Memorial Garden attaining the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal for every individual differs. Some want success in their careers while some long for their lost love. But when one realises that life is much more than mundane achievements then the person is said to attain Nirvana. In other words Nirvana is the freedom from the earthly temptations.

When a person stops running behind the desires of his being then he attains nirvana. It was originally a term which described the attainment of the ultimate goal by Buddha who is said to have obtained nirvana while he was sitting under a tree in deep penance. He was so involved in meditation that he did not realise the pain inflicted by the piercing of a thorn in his ears.

There are lot of misconceptions related to Nirvana. No, it is not a rock band nor is it the synonym for heaven. It means the freedom from whatever pulls us. It may be desire, jealousy or even love. Attaining a state of Nirvana unwinds us from the worldly affairs and we travel through our lives in a state of bliss. The cycle of life seems to cease and our karmic debts seem to be settled and we are raised to the higher chakras of life.

It is not easy to achieve complete Nirvana and a lot of concentration and dedication is required to achieve it. The first step to achieve Moksh is to develop a sense of self-realisation. We have a lot of power in our own selves and wherever and whenever we want we can gather it and use it in our favour. It just requires the utter determination to achieve something. We should do our duties in a considerate way without expecting any results. Secondly we should be aware about the true nature of things around us and not how it appears. Thirdly we should look into ourselves and realise that we are the greatest asset and if we use ourselves in the well-being of others, things will change for better. Last but not the least an undeviating love and dedication towards the Supreme power leads us to complete Moksha and we are relieved from suffering forever. As Lord Krishna says in Bhagwad Gita “Because you trust me, Arjuna, I will tell you what wisdom is, the secret of life: Know it and be free of suffering forever.”