Starting a Fashion Blog: Choosing a Fashion Blog

The world of fashion blogging is a challenging subject to begin. I suggest picking one of the niche subjects to help you determine the focus of your blog. For example instead of writing an article about fashion accessories, you could consider something more specific such as cool rings and designer glasses. Choose a topic that you are interested in. You must be passionate about the subject, otherwise you’ll be bored.

Tips:There are thousands of fashion blogs that are already up and running Don’t be discouraged. The best way to approach it is to start an online blog with your personal viewpoint-a blog only YOU can make. The most successful blogs have a clear voice and distinctive content. Be sure to put your personal spin on the subject you select. This will help your website stand apart from othersand drive more visitors to your website. Beauty blog

Street Fashion

  • This is a fantastic method of sharing and documenting what you see in your neighborhood to all of the world. Fashion bloggers from the street are getting increasingly prominent as top designers look to street style for ideas.

Celebrity Fashion

  • If you’re a fan of pop culture and enjoy watching awards show to find out the latest fashions celebs are wearing, maybe celebrity fashion blogging is the right choice for you. The benefit of the idea of starting a blog about fashion for celebrities is that you have plenty of content to choose from, including a whole market that is devoted to images of celebs. The drawback is that the market is crowded, which means you must ensure that your blog is distinctive to be noticed.

High-End Fashion

  • If you are looking to use the blog to create a means for launching a career within the world of fashion (fashion publishing, specifically) you may need your blog content to be geared towards high-end brands and designers. The blog should celebrate the talents that is Oscar de la Renta, Alexander McQueen and Karl Lagerfeld with blog posts on the latest runway shows.


  • There are many sub-genres to this particular category. Select something you’re really comfortable with. Look online for items that are unique , and then write about them in your posts. Maybe you can collaborate together and use a an informal approach, so that your blog can be more about two people having a conversation about their favorite discoveries.



  • As with the category of accessories There are a variety of avenues to consider for when writing a blog about shoes. Pick what is most effective for you. If you’re a pro shoe-shopper and know the top places to purchase shoes online, please share that to the entire world.

Style Guide for Shopping

  • Are you a fan of putting outfits together? Do you want to share your creations by posting it on your website. This is a great way to have fun and rewarding creatively. Polyvore is a fantastic resource to create a fashion or shopping guide blog.


  • The longevity of fashion relies on the speed of its cycles. Start a blog about the latest trends – what’s popular today and what’s going to be trending in the near future. Perhaps you’d like to create to write a nostalgic blog about your most loved fashions that you remember from your past. Do you like scrunchies?

Fashion on the budget

  • There are numerous blogs focused on affordable fashion and are perfect to reach a young and thrifty crowd. Making the content will take an extensive search on the web to find great bargains and interesting finds Be ready to conduct some research.

Personal Style

  • Perhaps you’re looking for a way to show your individual fashion sense. Start a blog about the amazing way you dress, share pictures and posts of items of interest.

Night Life Style

  • It is possible to approach this topic with humor or seriousness. Think dedicated to the characters in Jersey Shore. You can be a serious nightclubber who goes out on a regular basis and is constantly seeking the ideal body-hugging top, skirt or dress ….or you’re just looking to look at some shockingly skanky attire in the club This might be the perfect discussion for you.

Vintage Mode

  • Select a decade, and have fun playing with it! Find some amazing old images or clips from films or movie posters. Present and celebrate the beauty of old fashion.


Alternative, Goth, Scene, etc.

  • A blog is a fantastic opportunity to showcase different fashion. If you’ve got a unique perspective into a specific community, then share what you consider to be amazing about it. Alternative fashion blogs also build a strong online community that will draw readers to your website frequently.


  • If you’re a designer, I believe that it’s a fantastic idea. You can post photos of your work. It acts as an portfolio website and also discuss your experiences with other designers.

Fashion Advice

  • If your friends ask you with ideas for how to dress, you should consider becoming an online fashion expert and create your own fashion-related blog. Create posts that offer guidelines about how you dress (ex. What to wear for an interview) and also respond to questions about fashion that readers ask.