Types of iPhone Cases and Their Usage

If you are in the market for a protective case for your iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS you may notice a large variance in prices for what might seemingly be the same plastic protective case for your iPhone or iPod. So What’s the difference? Or is there a difference? The answer is yes.

There can be quite a difference in what seems luxury iphone case to be the same basic iPhone protective case but you are also going to find a significant increase in price for the larger brand name cases. You will find your best value in off brand cases that have the important features of a quality case. The most important thing to look for in a protective case for your iPhone is some kind of system to protect the finish of your iPhone. Being in the business of iPhone repair, I see a lot of phones come through with protective cases. Many customers are surprised to see how scuffed their phones are even though it has been in a case its whole life. What happens is the phone wiggles back and forth slightly inside the case and over time the finish of the phone will be dulled by this slight movement. With good reason, the consumer is very angry. The product they thought was protecting their phone ended up damaging it. This is not a fluke. It will happen every time when using a cheap case. The quality cases will have a system to eliminate this problem. For example, the inCase slider has strips of rubber strategically placed on the inside of the case to eliminate this problem