White Silicone and Black Silicone For All Your Sealant Needs

Cohesive silicone gel breast implants represent the latest development in the long and sometimes sordid history of the breast prosthesis. Silicone was the original material chosen to fill the very first marketable modern breast implants and this material is still used today, decades after the first breast augmentation surgeries were performed. However, the newest type of silicone prosthetics have been greatly revised to eliminate many of the concerns inherent to previous generations of breast implants.

The original breast implants were silicone sacs filled with silicone toy viscous liquidy silicone gel. This thick filler gel and durable outer shell were well received and proved themselves resistant to damage and rupture. However, the implant lacked a soft and realistic feel which led the next 2 generations of silicone breast implants to feature thinner shells and more liquid-like silicone filler material. These were the implants most responsible for the sudden surge in implant based litigation, since a great number failed. A majority of women with these redesigned implants endured problematic ruptures and leaks, as well as migration of the thin silicone filler throughout their bodies. This occurrence was made worse by the lack of patient education and risk acknowledgments by the manufacturers, including the infamous Dow-Corning Company.

Later generations of silicone implants did far better in holding up to the test of time by once again featuring a thicker outer shell and a thicker liquidy silicone filler. However, the damage had already been done and the silicone implant seemed doomed to die a slow and deserved death due to its former reputation. That is until a new development was made which created the finest implant prosthetic to date. This is the latest model cohesive silicone gel breast implant.

Cohesive silicone gel is a revolutionary material which is not like any other silicone filled prosthetic of the past. The filler material is not a liquid at all. In fact, it is a jelly solid, much alike in texture to gummy bears. Many patients lovingly call these medical devices gummy bear breast implants for that reason. Cohesive silicone gel implants will not leak or rupture, since there is no separate internal filler which can escape the shell. The filler is bonded together and can be cut cleanly with a sharp implement, so even if the outer shell is compromised, there is no danger of silicone migration throughout the body.